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As a company we strongly believe that the success of our industry is closely tied to a well informed public and a well trained work force which is why we work hard to create quality texts that provide accurate and useful information. Geo-Connections offers a wide range of books and papers for free download and for purchase.


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1-1 | Thoughts on Vaults

Watch 'Burying Mistakes' this quarter's featured presentation from Lisa Meline about what happens when engineers trust but don't verify. Related to the presentation we have compiled articles from our GeoConnected blog that discuss the finer points of geothermal vault design, installation and whether or not they make sense for your application.

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GeoConnected is the Geo-Connections company blog and it isn't just us tooting our own horn. Not every topic in geo requires a book to be written so we tackle smaller items on our blog. We also use the blog to keep everyone posted about changes to LoopLink RLC and LoopLink PRO.