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Geo-Connections is the geothermal industry‚Äôs leading software as a service (SaaS) company. LoopLink® PRO and LoopLink® RLC are purpose built to make the complicated business of ground loop design fast, easy and accurate.


Why Web-Based

Geo-Connections designs software to work where you do. Our online subscription based software leverages the power of the internet to create fast, easy-to-use and incredibly powerful tools to meet the demands of geothermal system designers.

Always Up-To-Date

Always Up-To-DateAlways Up-To-Date

New features, new equipment, catalog updates and other improvements appear without any action or extra cost to you. Every time you log in, you are working in the most up-to-date version of your software.

Ready Where You Are

Ready Where You AreReady Where You Are

Log in from your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone to access all of your projects and the most up-to-date version of your software. Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, OS X... it doesn't matter. Geo-Connections .



All payment transactions and information are handled by our payment processors using industry best practices and modern cryptographic encryption methods. Your payment information is never stored on our servers.

Peace of Mind

Peace of MindPeace of Mind

Your projects are backed up in multiple data-centers on redundant drives throughout the U.S. because when hard drives fail, tornados hit or offices get broken into, it is nice to know that when you put the pieces back together, there are some parts of your life that will just be there for you.



Geo-Connections' expert support staff can quickly work through problems with you. If you find a bug, our support staff will pass it off to our development team and in most cases, a fix will be found, tested and released to our servers within hours not months.