Thoughts on VaultsIssue 1-1

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Featured Presentation Burying Mistakes

Industry leader, Lisa Meline shares a cautionary tale about what happens when geothermal designers trust but don’t verify. A failure analysis of a system points to a design that was sound in principle but not properly overseen during installation. The result was of course an expensive analysis and repair that could have been avoided.


What is a Geothermal Vault?

Start at the beginning with Ryan Carda, P.E. In this quick overview he covers what a geothermal vault is and what it is meant to do when deployed appropriately.

By The Numbers

With nearly two decades of experience in the geothermal industry selling, designing, building, installing and troubleshooting vaults, Joe Pejsa from UPONOR knows a thing or two about what makes a good vault and what makes a bad vault.

Top 5 Features of Good Vault Design

  1. Use a Two-Manway System
  2. Always Include a Bypass
  3. Isolation Valves & PT Ports
  4. Make It Waterproof
  5. Use HDPE for Housing

Top 5 Features of Bad Vault Design

  1. Circuit Balancing Valves
  2. Heaters
  3. Steel Manifolds
  4. Individual Loops to the Vault
  5. Tiny Housings

Use Vaults

Stuart Lyle of ISCO Industries makes the case with his Top 6 Reasons to Install a Geothermal Vault.

Don't Use Vaults

Image Engineering Group's Howard Newton offers his Top 4 Reasons Not To Use A Vault.

Tools of the Trade

Understanding Auto-Header

Learn how LoopLink PRO's auto-header function works to simplify the design and head loss calculation for Step-Up Step-Down Reverse Return Header Designs.

Spoiler Alert: PRO supports the use of geothermal vaults.