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Featured PresentationLow Hanging Fruit- Mainstreaming Geothermal with Simpler Pumping

Ryan Green of Midwest Machinery Denver shares an overview of what PACE financing is and why it works so well for financing geothermal installations in this brief and informative presentation.

Tools of the Trade
Geothermal Luxury Comfort Systems

Geothermal- Luxury Comfort Systems

The prolific Jay Egg of Egg Geothermal reminds us that geothermal is the most advanced & efficient HVAC system on the market - it has a higher price-tag for good reason. Adjust your sales pitch to highlight geo's premium features.

By The Numbers

3 Ways Geothermal Design Software Improves Your Sales Pitch

Kent Kuffner from Carrier Corp. outlines how using residential geothermal design software can help to capture even more geothermal heat pump sales than you are today.


Geothermal Equals Peace of Mind

Price stability in electric markets combined with higher efficiencies team up to make GSHP heating bills predictable year over year. Show your customers that volatile energy markets make geothermal the best choice for budget conscious homeowners.

Green World View

Geothermal Can Change The World

It is important to remember that many people interested in geothermal are also interested in doing their part for the environment. Use these facts to pitch the eco-minded.

Tools of the Trade

LoopLink GSE Update

Geothermal Savings Estimate We quietly launched LoopLink GSE last year. For those that aren't familiar, LoopLink GSE is a geothermal savings estimation engine designed for companies to use to power savings calculators on their websites. We have been watching how people use the tool and how well it performs and have made a few tweaks in version 2.0 that improve our speed and accuracy.