GeoConnections Inc.

GeoConnections is a small company with big ideas and experience well beyond our years. We are uniquely focused on geothermal heating and cooling systems with a specific expertise in ground loop or ground heat exchanger (GHEX) design. Our staff is comprised of mechanical engineers that have banded together to form something greater than the sum of its parts.

GeoConnections brings to bear over a half century’s worth of experience in geothermal heating and cooling system design and has applied all of that accumulated know how to the creation of industry leading software and educational resources.

GeoConnections Emblem

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide software, design assistance and educational tools to the GSHP industry that increase the knowledge, productivity and profitability of all our customers.

Training Mission

We will produce and offer the highest quality educational resources and training opportunities available to the GSHP industry, because we believe that through education comes the success of the individual, and through the success of the individual, comes the success of our industry.

Customer Service Mission

Our customers are our partners. We share their passion and desire to succeed. We will always treat them with the dignity and respect that we expect in return and we will never offer a product or service that is not of mutual benefit.

Software Mission

We believe that the purpose of all software is to complete a job faster and better than would otherwise be possible. We work to ensure that LoopLink will always be the benchmark for accuracy, capability and usability against which all other geothermal design software is compared through an uncompromising dedication to quality and an unwavering attention to detail.