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Why Hire LoopLink Certified Designers?

Choosing the right system designer for your geothermal heating and cooling system is a crucial first step toward assuring your future comfort and long-term financial savings.

LoopLink™ Certified Designers have recognized that a residential/light commercial geothermal system deserves the same attention to detail afforded to a commercial design. This ensures the lowest cost of operation, minimizes system maintenance and guarantees the highest level of comfort within your space over the life of your system.

By selecting a LoopLink Certified Designer, you can breathe easy knowing your designer:

  • Has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of residential and light commercial geothermal system design.
  • Is trained and qualified in the use of LoopLink for the completion of design calculations and the creation of project summaries.
  • Understands and can justify specific equipment selections and their impact on the performance of your geothermal system.