How to Get LoopLink Certified.

LoopLink Certification is earned by successfully passing our 6-week Geothermal Designer Boot Camp training course offerd in partnership with the HeatSpring Learning Institute. The goal of the course is not to create an elite class of LoopLink users with knowledge of hidden features (SPOILER ALERT: There aren't any.) The goal of this course is to create an elite class of geothermal ground loop designers that make good decisions because they understand the nature of the beast.

Successfully completing this course will mean that you have proven you understand:

  • The importance of proper building load modelling including multi-zone systems.
  • How to balance performance with project cost.
  • The effect of design choices like grout thermal conductivity and projected operating conditions.
  • The difference between a reasonably oversized or undersized system and one that poses a failure risk.
  • Head loss calculation and interior piping design and its potential effect on long term operating cost..

Why Become LoopLink Certified?

In addition to the advanced education you receive through the Geothermal Designer Boot Camp training LoopLink Certified Designers enjoy the following benefits:

  • A free year of LoopLink just for signing up for the class Geothermal Designer BootCamp(a $395.00 value)
  • Use of the LoopLink Certified Seal on your web site.
  • Automatic addition of the LoopLink Certified Seal to your LoopLink Project Summaries.
  • Ability to include an additional report page informing your customers of the benefits to choosing you over an uncertified competitor.
  • Inclusion in our index of LoopLink Certified Geothermal System Designers directory for homeowners.