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LoopLink Support

We have gone to great lengths to make LoopLink the easiest geothermal system design software available. There is nothing to install, there are no updates to manage. The LoopLink interface is designed to leverage the ease of web navigation with the speed and functionality of locally installed software... LoopLink just works. But that doesn’t mean we are hands off when it comes to customer support.

Our Promise

We promise that if you call us during normal business hours you will talk to a human being. Further, that human being will be a qualified, well trained human being.

Our support staff is our development team. They wrote the code, built the interface, developed the help and may have even helped to write the IGSHPA RLC manual.

We put these highly qualified developers in contact with you when you are having trouble because our responsibility is to make sure you are working and there is no better qualified group to get you there.


If you need help with LoopLink or are running into a sticky design question that you just can’t get past, call us. Our support team is comprised of experienced system designers that understand (in obscene detail) the significance and importance of each and every input/output in LoopLink. We will not pass you through levels of progressively better informed ‘support staff’, you will always be put in contact with a geothermal design expert.

In all honesty we don’t get many calls from our users about how to use LoopLink and we have only recieved a hand full of calls to report ‘technical’ issues in over 2 years of service. We more often get questions about geothermal loopfield design. As a company it would be easy for us to direct these callers to one of our training courses or sell them a manual but that’s not who we are.

We are happy to take the time to walk all of our users through their technical issues and explain the theory and practical reasons for each and every field LoopLink asks them to fill in and every answer it returns. Secretly we really like talking about geothermal design... its almost like we live for it.