LoopLink is Free to Educators and their classes

How To Get Started

  1. Call us at (866) 995-4449 and be ready to provide the following information.
    • Start/End Dates for Course
    • Class Roster with e-mail addresses.
  2. We will create the student accounts using the information you provide and send each student their password.

LoopLink For Educators

Normally teaching the software that professionals need to be able to use in their career is an expensive and downright painful process. You have to fill out purchase requests, coordinate with IT to install it in a computer lab or wait on the bookstore to start stocking the software.

GeoConnections makes it easy and affordable. We provide a free subscription to LoopLink for the instructor and for all of the students in the class.

The instructor subscription is good for every year you teach the course and student subscriptions are active for the duration of the course. All you and your students need is a computer and an internet connection.

What's the Catch?

There isn't one.

One of our senior shareholders spent a fair amount of his adult life teaching mechanical engineering at the university level and this program is designed around how he wanted things to work.

  • We will support you and your students as though you were paying customers.
  • We will not contact your students directly with the exception of standard account emails.
  • We will not share your class lists or your personal information.

We want an industry filled with capable and intelligent designers making good choices so we support those that educate the future of our industry. If this is your first time teaching the course or your first time using LoopLink, call us. We are here to help and have trained thousands of professionals.


Design Manual

Need Textbooks?

Send your students over to our Geo Bookstore. There, they can purchase the IGSHPA Residential and Light Commercial Geothermal Design Manual and download any of our free white papers about geothermal heating and cooling systems.