GeoConnections &
HeatSpring Learning Institute

HeatSpring Learning Institute is an education company focused on providing clean energy training to building professionals. GeoConnections’ staff of experienced engineers and system designers is supported by HeatSpring’s logistic experts to bring quality training to more places better than we can do on our own.

The HeatSpring leaf is a symbol of quality in green energy education. We have placed this symbol next to all links that will take you away from our site to enroll in GeoConnections trainings through HeatSpring Learning Institute.

IGSHPA 3-Day and Geothermal Design Boot Camp Seals Combined

IGSHPA Geothermal
Installer Certification Training

The IGSHPA Accredited / NATE Certified Geothermal Installer Course is a comprehensive three day training in the installation and design of geothermal heat pump systems that gives you the tools necessary to succeed in the GSHP industry (including a complete geothermal reference library).

Those that successfully complete the course and pass the certification exam issued on the last day of the course will receive IGSHPA accreditation as well as NATE certification.

Geothermal Designer
Boot Camp

Geothermal Designer Boot Camp is a 6 week online training perfect for those with a basic understanding of geothermal system design looking to improve their skills. This hands on course walks you through residential design projects that become progressively more complicated to gradually build your understanding.

Those that successfully complete the course and all of the required projects will become LoopLink Certified. and eligible for 5 Continuing Education Units through IGSHPA.