Geothermal Design Services

GeoConnections is more than just another software company. We are among the nation's foremost authorities on geothermal system design. We wrote the Design and Installation Guide for IGSHPA. Our VP is the chairman of the IGSHPA standards committee and we have trained thousands of engineers, contractors, and home builders in proper design and installation practices throughout the United States and Canada.

While we would prefer that everyone use LoopLink to design each and every GSHP system for themselves, we understand that sometimes a project comes along that is beyond your comfort level or maybe you simply don't have the time to work through it on your own. Whatever the reason, when the time comes that you need assistance, let our team of experts give you a hand.

Ryan and Jared Discuss PlanWhat We Can Do for You...

  • Peak heating and cooling load calculations.
    • ACCA Manual J (residential)
    • ASHRAE CLTD (light commercial/commercial)
  • Equipment scheduling using heat pump manufacturer of your choice.
  • Closed-loop ground heat exchanger (GHEX) design for vertically-bored, horizontally-bored or horizontally-trenched systems.
  • Interior piping design.
  • Head loss calculation and circulating pump selection.
  • Full duct design in accordance with ACCA Manual D.

For commercial design projects we can also provide a full set of loopfield specifications and the necessary layout and detail drawings from AutoCAD. We do require that a licensed professional engineer provide a full set of peak heating and cooling load calculations as well as annual energy usage estimates and a complete equipment schedule for commercial projects.