Talk To Us

We really do want to know what you think about LoopLink, GeoConnections, our trainings, our design services, and anything else you think we should hear about... so we thought about how best to ask you questions. Since calling everyone to ask what they thought about us seemed a bit needy, we thought maybe we should be more laid back and let you come to us.

If you want to know who to call about your specific questions, problems or suggestions, check our introductions and dial the extensions otherwise just call the main line (866) 995-4449 and we will help you get to the right person.

We are available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm CST.

Ryan Carda

(866)995-4449 x 102 View Ryan Carda's LinkedIn Profile

As co-writer of the IGSHPA Residential and Light Commercial Geothermal Installation Manual, Ryan is in charge of double checking everyone’s math and coming up with new and useful tools to add to LoopLink. Fixed Length was one of his babies. Hit him up if you have questions about LoopLink and/or about anything geo.

Doug Carruthers

(866)995-4449 x 105 View Doug Carruthers's LinkedIn profile

Doug is your typical run-of-the-mill mechanical engineer with a degree in fine arts... he designs and maintains the website and works to make LoopLink user friendly. If you see it on our site, he probably drew it, wrote it or laid it out so if you have something to say about graphics, organization or anything else visual he is your man.

Chuck Remund

(866)995-4449 x 101

Our peerless leader. Chuck runs the show around here so if you feel the need to take it to the top... it doesn’t get any higher.